When a Hotel Sign Burns Out...

Hotel Chatter: It's a rare occurrence, but when it does happen, it's definitely worth heading out into Midtown at night armed with a camera. What're we talking about, exactly? Oh, just the fact that Manhattan's old Milford Plaza Hotel isn't the most well kept up place, and that sometimes its neon-lit letters on the exterior burn out to read "MILF PLAZA."

Credit for the recent sighting goes to @cmbenz on Twitter, perhaps better known as fashion designer Chris Benz. He appropriately freaked out over it on Twitter, and now the excitement has passed on to us.

The MILF Milford Plaza has been in desperate need of a renovation for some time now—see latest evidence here—but it's sticking to its "classic, Times Square area" looks. Now quick: get a snapshot of the sign before they fix it! It's pretty much the most perfect Facebook wall post ever.


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