Staying Connected When You Go

Vegas Chatter: In today's world of cellphones, laptops, and tablets you can always stay connected wherever you go and when you check-in to the Tower Suites at the Wynn Las Vegas, the 24-hour news cycle is there to greet the urinal.

We found this photo from TomBarnes20008 in our big sister, HotelChatter's Flickr pool which was taken inside the men's room of the dedicated Tower Suites check-in area. Why someone needs a TV while they are urinating is beyond us. After all, how long does that take? Max three minutes? Maybe four if you have too much beer? Will you even catch your stock on the ticker in time?

Then again, this is Vegas, a city practically built on ridiculuxe items. And we wouldn't change it for the world. However, what would you prefer? TVs above the urinals or a toilet seat that rises to greet you?


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