Hula Flash Mob on Hawaiian Airlines' Flight

Jaunted: Here’s a fun little video to start off your week, as well as something that’s slightly depressing because you’re at work and not on your way to paradise. Earlier this month Hawaiian Airlines arranged a little bit of an in-flight flash mob in the form of a live hula performance at 38,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean. It’s hardly a massive get together filled with social media addicts, but it is a nicely arranged introduction to Hawaii—as well as some of the best live in-flight entertainment around.

The San Francisco-based hula school Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu performed the dance en route to the islands from the City by the Bay on July 14. There were a couple traditional songs played during the performance along with I Left My Heart In San Francisco—ha.

One of the best parts of the video—at least to us—are some of flyers that couldn’t care less about what’s going on. Around 35 seconds into the video there’s some dude that just needs to get some stuff out of the overhead bin, and he continues to struggle with the bin around 55 seconds in. There are a few travelers that definitely hit the Ambien before boarding, and we definitely spotted someone towards the back who can’t put down a magazine. We just hope the applause woke them up at the end of the performance.


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