This Summer's Best Hotel Job

Daily Mail: It must rank as one of the best summer jobs in the world.

While his friends work the usual babysitting or retail circuit, Harrison Anastasio, 17, is a tan concierge at the James New York Hotel in SoHo.

His remit? Alongside supervising the four-foot deep pool, handing out towels to minimally-clad guests and shuffling sun loungers for optimum sun or shade exposure, the Brooklyn boy makes sure sunbathers tan evenly.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the teenager explained that, as tan concierge, he takes customers' mobile phone numbers when they arrive and sends them a text after 20 minutes to half an hour.

Saying simply 'Turn over,' the text is optional - some plump for just a tap on the shoulder. 'Most people like to be texted. It’s less invasive,' he told WSJ. Either way, with a bit of help from Anastasio, sunbathers develop an even tan and avoid sunburn.

The rooftop pool, on the 18th floor, is frequented by the rich and the famous - Jennifer Hudson, James Franco and Kristen Wiig have all been spotted lounging there.

The $15 an hour job was created in partnership with a sunscreen maker and this summer is the first time customers of the exclusive hotel have had the services of a dedicated tan timer.

Though Anastasio holds a list of mobile numbers that gives him access to some of the city's most enviable bikini bodies, he insists that he too professional to use it for anything other than work. 'I have the willpower not to text these girls after they leave the pool' he said.

His friends, who reportedly nag him to be allowed onto the hip rooftop, will, no doubt, be disappointed.


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