Pilot attacked on American Airlines Plane in Miami

Two brothers on an American Airlines plane in Miami were arrested after they attacked the pilot last night. Passengers said the men were acting erratically and some believed they were drunk or on drugs. One of the men was sleeping and would not wakeup to buckle his seatbelt. The flight attendants notified the pilot who decided to pull back to the gate. The pilot asked one of the men to get off the plane, the man's brother decided to get off too. Witnesses said one of the men punched the pilot in his eye and then exited the plane.

The pilot followed the two men down the jet bridge to make sure they exited. The two then jumped the pilot and beat him. According to police, one of the men said to the pilot 'If you ever fly to San Juan, I will have you killed.'

Other passengers then intervened and held the men down for about 10 minutes until police came.

The two rowdy passengers have been identified as Jonathan Baez and Luis Baez. They are being held on aggravated battery and simple battery. American Airlines said the pilot is okay, but did sit the flight out. He may have permanent damage to his eye. The plane landed in San Francisco around 2 a.m. local time.


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