Alleppey Ever Interesting and Gratifying Tourist Destination of Kerala

Alleppey also known as Alappuzha is one of the prominent tour targeted sites of Kerala. It is one of the most alluring districts set on the bed of backwater world. Today this particular district has capture the backwater seekers attention by its mind blowing numerous attractions catered along with backwater marvels. Houseboat cruise, boat race, sea food cuisines, its beaches and coir product are some of the famous attractions cater in this site. If you are looking for multifaceted striking site for weekend escape than, break off for a short stay during weekend in Alleppey and relish gratifying tour experience always.

Alleppey is one of the prominent members of the chain of backwater that is strengthening and playing the role model of the state. Among top backwater paradises Alleppey rank one among the most popular sought after tourist places in Kerala. The place is a well noted indigenous site where you will find the real culture development depicted clearly in this site. Thus Alleppey backwater is popular among tourist and must be visited if you are travelling for Kerala tour cruise.
This awesome backwater stunning site is described as the Venice of the East by Lord Curzon. The beauty of the town picturesque by cluster of islands with its appealing serene atmosphere becomes one of the most attention absorbing attractions of Kerala tourism. Alleppey Climate too is quite tempting and hypnotizes leisure escapers including honeymoon exciters and weekend holiday makers. The serene ambience of outpoured by palm fringe backwater ripples and coconut mangroves cool breeze is appealing to every nature seekers. Thus the places like Alleppey are ever interesting and enjoyable site for leisure spending.
Today with the increase in tourist visitors Alleppey Hotels have swiftly upgraded and its grown has been increase incredibly. Its facilities and quality have also progressing day by day with the attention of tourism outfit. Today you will find many luxury top rated hotels and resorts offering excellent services and accommodation base on quality and rate. Restaurants and other café along with entertainment huts are also increasing day by day making Alleppey all the more attractive and enticing irresistible haven of tourist.
Plan for Alleppey stay and enjoy the attractions such as Pathiramanal a popular migratory bird island and boat race festive site. You can visit Krishnapuram Palace and enjoy the mural depicting story of Gajendramoksham where you will find many paintings and antique sculptures of the 18th century exhibited in museums. R-Block is a cited spot for cultivation and cropping purpose where you can go for evening wander and enjoy the sunset kissing the meadow. Alleppey beach is also one of the most popular hot spot for relax swimming and sunbath. They are hunted by tourist for its excellent services like open air dining, health treatment with traditional method and other facilities available in it.
If you are seeking for excellent serve rated hotels with cheaper price but catering comfortable amenities, there are many Budget Hotels in Alleppey with finest world class luxury comfort. You can go for it and enjoy the best treat of Kerala benchmarked hotels.

Kovalam - favorite destination of foreign tourists

Kovalam is the one of the most elegant places in Kerala. It is an international tourist spot and favorite destination of foreign tourists. It is a famous traveler spot in India. The curve shaped beaches alienated by stony outcroppings offers excellent variety of beauty and happiness. It is covered by miles of fertile land and green coconut palms. Kovalam beach also lined with shops offering wide varieties of antic objects. Hotels are providing all kinds of services. They create a friendly resort atmosphere and prepare rich dishes of Indian and foreign cuisines for tourists.
   Kovalam is finding new suggestions in the light of several Ayurvedic centers. The resorts here supply a wide verity of Ayurvedic treatments. The medicines and practices followed here reveal our indigenous culture and legacy. These Ayurvedic treatments give healthy and clean days for tourists. Ayurvedic treatment is one of the main attractions of Kovalam beach tourism.
   Light house is one of the most proud attractions in Kovalam beach. It open to visitors and offers a wonderful view of the light house beach and surroundings.
   Kovalam beach is famous for its beautiful sunset. It is a poetic experience for sure; a poem which spread thousand colors. Each day has a new and varied sunset. It gives pleasure to all our senses. The beach is well known for entertainment programs and sports. One of the most popular entertainments is bonfire. You can smell the woods burning and have true touch of nature. Evenings here are filled with sounds of joy from everywhere. It represents a camp with traditional touch. All age groups enjoy it.
   The proposed International Trans Shipment Terminal at Vizhinjam is nearby. Kovalam tourist destination is located at a distance of 6 k.m from Thiruvanandhapuram town.

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Alleppey the Most Popular Tourist Destinations to Explore In Kerala

Alleppey is one of the most popular tourist destinations, in Kerala which easily entice all the vacationers from every length and breadth of the country and the world.  Lovingly this scenic place is called as “Venice of East” due to its numerous fantastic waterways. The enormous networks of canals, lagoons and enchanting lakes are the major highlights of the Alleppey. This beautiful place is located near the Malabar Coast which had an excellent port and it was the busiest trade centre. Today Alleppey is the most wonderful tourist site which is truly not to be missed as you visited in Kerala.

Alleppey is located in the district of Allappuzha and truly is one of the most fascinating places to visit and explore. The scintillating backwater, scintillating beaches, enchanting lakes, exotic resorts, renowned ancient monuments, palaces and forts easily lure the vacationers throughout the year.  Alleppey truly is dotted with numerous tourist attractions and destinations which also are beautifully supplemented by the excellent resorts and hotels.

Alleppey hotels truly are home for the vacationers from all over the globe which provides them wonderful stay. Along with the comfortable stay the hotels here also offer warm accommodations, delicious cuisines and the fascinating hospitality allure the vacationers for their wonderful vacation. There are numerous types of hotels in this scenic place of different categories thus making easy for the vacationers to book there kind of hotels according to their budget. Other then these the hotels here also offer numerous more services like rent car, sightseeing tours, lockers facilities, wi fi services and many more which truly make the vacationers to feel at home for the tourist.

Beside the exotic hotels and resorts this beautiful town of Alleppey is also very famous for its shimmering backwaters which easily steal the heart of all the vacationers. Shimmering Alleppey backwater and the houseboat cruise here provides the tourist to experience the amazing backwater experience for your life. The backwaters here in Alleppey truly is beautifully endowed by the amazing green dense vegetations, vast expanse of lush green gardens, swaying palm trees, numerous ancient monuments, elegant churches and the rustic ambiance easily will attract the tourist from all over the globe. The vacationers from their spacious room or the sun deck of the houseboat can view these beautiful attractions and sites which will remain in their core of heart forever.

The climate of the enchanting Alleppey is very soothing throughout the year as it entices the vacationers throughout the year. As Alleppey is beautifully sandwiched between the picturesque Vembanad Lake and the gorgeous Arabian Sea is blessed by humid climate throughout the year. The minimum temperature remains till 22°C to 37°C. The winter to this place start from December and ends in February, the temperature varies between 22°C to 30°C. From March to May this place absorbs the summer where the temperature reaches up to 37°C and you see most of the vacationers roaming around all the beautiful places. Monsoon touches this place from June to September with some rains in June and July with amiable soothing temperature. Thus Alleppey climate truly favors the vacationers to visit this place any time of the year.

Beside these this place is also speckled with numerous more tourist attractions and destinations which is supplemented by excellent standard, luxury, cheap and Budget hotels in Alleppey, making this place and ideal destination for the vacationers.

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Kovalam Hotels and Resorts – excellent accommodation facilities

Kerala is akin to a mural painted by God, varied in its hues, shades and texture. Kerala is situated in the Malabar Coast of south western India. Kerala, with its many attractions, is nestled between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea.
Kovalam is an idyllic beach location situated in the southern part of Kerala. The tourism potential of Kovalam was discovered by Travancore Kings and is one of the oldest known tourist spots of India. In ninety seventies hippies found a liking to this place and swarmed to Kovalam. From then on, Kovalam found a place in global tourism map. Kovalam is thirteen kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala and is easily accessible through road. This easy accessibility makes it popular among locals also.
Catering to the millions that flow into Kovalam, there many hotels and resorts functioning in Kovalam. Resorts and hotels Kovalam provide for superlative accommodation facilities and round the clock quality service. The rooms on offer are luxurious, spacious and embellished with modern décor. The staffs serve guests with a disarming smile armed with all the warmth and hospitality. The visitor’s book of hotels is full of compliments for staff from the impressed visitors. The resorts and hotels in Kovalam are adjoined with multi cuisine restaurants. They serve scrumptious menu of various styles – from Chinese and continental to Thai and Mughal.

Apart from the luxury hotels and resorts there are budget hotels on the offer in Kovalam. They provide excellent accommodation facilities and quality service for an economic purse. They cater to the middle end tourists who cannot afford the luxury segment. Kovalam Travel Guide will help in finding accommodation suiting to your purse.
The hotels Kovalam  offer luxurious rooms, Banquet hall,  hot and cold water supply, spacious parking facilities, dry clean and laundry facilities, travel desk that works for twenty four hours, direct dialing ISD and STD facility, wireless internet, round the clock room service.
KovalamBeach resorts are situated in the vicinity of beach. Staying in them you can be in the eerie ambience throughout your sojourn.
Most of the hotels and resorts have attached to them Ayurveda treatment spas and yoga centers. The reputation of Ayurveda and yoga have reached far and wide that there is high demand for these facilities.
Some hotels and resorts in Kovalam rent out their facilities to business sect to conduct conferences, meetings and training programs. The participants reportedly find the ambience inspiring and are interested to return.
The crescent shaped beaches have three parts: The larger southern part known as Light house beach with a thirty five meter high light house standing on top of Kurumkal hill. The middle part is named Hawah Beach (meaning Eve’s Beach) and once known for roaming topless western women, a practice now banned. The northern part is known as Samudra Beach.
The seas in Kovalam are shallow and one can go about hundred meters into sea. This fact combined with calm weather makes it ideal for swimming. The white sandy beaches are inviting for a sunbath. There are attractive coral reefs near the shore. Tourists can go snorkeling for an underwater view. There is also provision for surfing.
Tourists to Kovalam can visit nearby Vizhinjam sea port. Other places to visit in Kovalam are Shanghumugham, Veli Park and various temples and palaces in Thiruvananthapuram.

An Unforgettable Holidaying Experience with Kovalam Travel Guide

Home to the incredible attractions and amiable climatic conditions, Kerala is undoubtedly one of the finest places to visit all over India. With its pristine beaches fringed by palm and coconut groves, lush greenery, exotic wildlife national parks and exclusive backwaters, it encourage tourists to visit this country from every nook and corner of the world. It is an ideal holidaying destination for those who wish to spend their vacations in the lap of mother-nature. It is an ideal holidaying place for those who wish to spend their vacations away from hustle bustle of city life in the bliss of mother-nature as it offers every element of nature to the visitors. It is one such place where one can experience the nature in its real form. Besides its natural attractions it is equally admired for its well cultured people, exotic mouth-watering food, fascinating culture and excellent hotels and accommodations gives world class amenities to the visitors and make their holiday an unforgettable holidaying experience.

Well if you wish to explore an amazing sightseeing spots while participating in several beach and sports activities then must head to Kovalam a beautiful village located about 17 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of green city Kerala. Due to the huge arrival of tourists in this place state government has given special emphasize on hotels and accommodations which are specially established just after considering tourists luxury point of view. Hotels Kovalam has been strategically set up in the perfect perfecting setting of nature so that tourists will spend their maximum time in cool and calm lap of nature.
Kovalam is world-renowned for its beaches, among the most pristine in India. Due to its shallow waters and low tidal waves, it is very popular among foreign visitors. Tourism has been on a rise ever the since the hippies settled their feet in the early seventies. From that time the casual fishing village of Kerala into one of the most important tourist destinations in all India- the Kovalam beach. If you wish to feel the crispy air while admiring the spectacular landscapes, wish to listen the beautiful ripples of the waves or simply wish spend your maximum time along this beach destination then you can head to Kovalam beach resorts offers all the amenities to the visitors and give them a memorable holidaying experience.

Whether you are visiting with family or honeymooning with your beloved, it would be the perfect place to get in. apart from viewing its scenic landscapes one can indulge in several beach and sports activities like swimming, surfing, fishing, and many others. Besides there are many other places to visit in Kovalam such as Padmanabhapuram Palace, Kaudiar Palace, Anchuthengu Fort, Koyikkal Palace, Napier Museum, Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, Science and Technology Museum, Veli Tourist Village, Sankhumugham beach and many others. All are the finest places with their distinctive features.

Well there are many other things about this place and if you wish to explore them without taking someone’s help then you can keep Kovalam travel guide with you which offers all the relevant information about its attractions and hotels and accommodations too.

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Behold the Sparkling Islands of Lakshadweep and Experience Delight in It

Lakshadweep popularly known to be India’s only coral atolls is a beautiful place formed by a group of dazzling islands on the west coast in the Arabian Sea. This group of islands geographically is a part of Maldives chain islands which has been listed among the top attractive islands of the world. Lakshadweep has become an enticing island for many beach lovers and holiday makers and is now one of the favorite tourist destination attracting thousands and millions of tourist almost every year during summer.
This popular summer hub is an isolated picturesque destination located amidst the breathtaking wonders of Arabian Sea. If you look on to LakshadweepMap you will be amaze to see the spectacular view of the vast sea into which the island is decorated in a chain of small lands. The place seems strange and dangerous from far but is the home for many Indians who seems to have exile or escape from the chaos of the world and settle peacefully in it.  Today this strange island has become a holiday hub for people seeking for serene place like Lakshadweep where you can warm your heart with its fun filled activities and facilities found in it.  
Tourism in Lakshadweep invites every nature lovers to experience the unending marvels and excitements of these beautiful coral islands rich in marine life and great historical attractions. The cool appealing climate of this particular island destination is hard to resist by anyone who has experience its pleasure in it. Thus the place is often said to possess a spell bound character to trap the attention of every traveler and making it addicted to it.
Kadmat, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Bangaram and Agatti are some of the popular sites of Islands in Lakshadweep frequented by tourist. They are the top listed mesmerizing island destinations where you can enjoy wonderful hang out in it.
It is an ideal spot for water sports where you will find numerous long beaches and lagoons set perfectly for sports and water excitements. The small sand banks on the southern tip are the best site for sun bath and relaxation. It is one of the best sites to enjoy in sea breeze and moonlit beach nightlife. Some of the water sports crafts available for water sport enthusiasts are kayaks, pedal boats, sailing yachts, skiing boats and glass bottomed boats etc. you can hire them and experience unlimited delight from its ride. Scuba diving has also become one of the most hunted water sports in this site.     
It is one of the most popular world recognized sites of Lakshadweep. The lagoons of it is well known for its rich coral and marine life where tourist often pack up to experience the spectacular view of its marine world.
This island possesses some of the best beaches for swimming and adventure water sports in it. Deep sea fishing, sailing, boat rides, water skiing and kayaking are some of the fun fill activities that you can take up for exhilarating memory.
The best way to experience is to get the help of Lakshadweep travel agents and enjoy the trip. Come behold and relish to your heart content.

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Kovalam Resorts and Hotel Implanted To Be Impregnable For Health Treatment


Kovalam remain as a top fascinating holiday destinations of Kerala. Its impeccable natural wonders and its excellent tourism manipulating activities have made it one of the most hunted tourist destinations of the state. This piece of Kerala tourist attraction hits out to be one of the perfect sites for leisure escaper and health reviving hub for its appealing stimulating atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
The prime attention wrapping attractions of this particular destination are the palm fringe beaches which has enormously pull the attention of tourist across the globe and spread its name far and wide. Kovalam beaches have become extremely popular among the westerners for its excellent opportunity given by its shallow water and low tidal waves for beach lovers to enjoy swimming in it. Swimming is one of the healthy activities for keeping the body and mind fit and healthy. There are lots of entertainments such as fishing, boat ride and many other excitements facilitated beside personal interest. The elderly people usually come for strolling on the back of the beaches to feel the ecstasy of cool breeze and lovely sounds of the waving palm fringe and waves of the sea which makes it stimulating and refreshing to mind and body.

If you are seeking for the ayurvedic treatment of Kerala you will find most of the Kovalam resorts are well dedicated for health treatment and you can easily look forward in your tour trip for its experience. Kovalam offers different treatment base on ayurvedic medication relevant to your needs and contribution. Thus the resorts have become pack by tourist because most of the tourist visitors in Kerala as the state have a name for its ayurvedic treatment which has flourish worldwide and it had been the fantasy of many tourists from different parts of the world.
Not only the resorts that have gain the attention of tourist but Kovalam hotels are also emerging to be the top fascinating attractions of tourist nowadays. Cozy grand hotels offering immense of comfort and delight along the sandy glittering shores with the perfect background of beaches amidst the groves of gorgeous palm fringes looks attractive and quite tempting to every tourist traveler.
The hotels in Kovalam are well noted for its excellent sea food serve with varieties of delicious foods serve in restaurants of most of the hotels available in it. The desserts and foods of Kovalam are unbeatable for its taste and looks. As we know Kerala is a land of spice different variety of spicy foods can also be experience in its mesmerizing hotels set apart for tourist in it.
This lonely casual fishing village is now shot into a limelight in the early seventies with the arrival of the masses of hippies which had a great progress in tourism industry later. It has now been turn into a huge tourism center for all beach lover and nature seekers. If you are one of its fans take no delay come and occupy the budget hotels in Kovalam and relish unforgettable stay in Kerala.

Lakshadweep – Serene Beaches as Attraction

Lakshadweep is attractive to tourists because of its sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, opportunity for water sports and its hospitable people. Although there are a large number of suitors, the policy of administration is restrictive for a large number to visit Lakshadweep. The tourism policy followed by government is one of care and consideration to the delicate environment of the islands.
Since the land and other resources are limited and carrying capacity of tiny islands is minimal, tourism in Lakshadweep is conducted on a daytime basis; that too based on sea. Domestic tourists are brought by ship and their night halt is arranged in ships itself, making them board from the islands before night. International tourists stay at Bangaram island and are brought by flight from Kochi to Agatti. Agatti being the nearest island to Bangaram which is having an airport.

Lakshadweep map suggests it to be a group of islands in the Laccadive Sea, situated about two hundred and four hundred and forty kilometers off the coast of the south western state of India, Kerala. Lakshadweep means a lakh of islands but there are only thirty six islands. With a total area of thirty two square kilometers, Lakshadweep is the tiniest union territory in India. Lakshadweep homes twelve atolls, three reefs and five submerged banks. The lagoons, reefs and banks of Lakshadweep are very rich in marine species.  
Out of thirty six islands in Lakshadweep, only ten are inhabited. They are Agatti, Amini, Andrott, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy.

SPORTS the abbreviated form for society for promotion of Nature tourism and tourism is the nodal agency for promotion of tourism in Lakshadweep. SPORTS has its staff trained in water sports. It also runs restaurants in the tourist islands of Lakshadweep as there is a dearth of restaurants. Private entrepreneurs operate Bangaram Island Resort in Bangaram, Lakshadweep Institute of water sports in Kadamat and the tourist home in Agatti on lease. SPORTS is also part of process by running a tourist home in Kadamat for lease. SPORTS also look after the tourist’s huts in the tourist focal Islands of Kavaratti, Kadmat, Kalpeni and Minicoy. Apart from these huts, three private cottages at Minicoy are operated by local entrepreneurs.
Four all weather ships namely M.V. Bharatseema ,M.V Tipusultan, M.V Aminidivi and M.V Minicoy operate from Kochi to islands. Lakshadweep tours will make necessary arrangements for accessibility. Indian Airlines operate flights from Kochi to Agatti on six weekdays. 
Although all islands are blessed with the charm of coral reef, sandy beaches, unpolluted and clear water and hospitable settings, all the islands are not promoted in same way. Some are promoted for diving and water sports and some for tourists to relax and enjoy nature. With the aim of putting less pressure on land the tours are basically sea or lagoon based. There are leisure tours also. There are plenty of opportunities for Scuba diving, Yachting, Pedal boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Snorkeling and sunbathing. One may also visit local houses, Marine museum, LightHouse and a few local industries. 
The beaches in Agatti Island are among the more beautiful in India. Agatti holds sugary white beaches, fringed by swaying coconut trees, caressed by soothing winds and holds a spectacular view of sea. Beneath the sea one gets a colorful world full of corals, fishes and turtles.

Kovalam Hotels – Comfortable places to stay

Kerala is a land of immense natural beauty. Situated in the Malabar Coast of south western India, Kerala attracts millions with its numerous, diverse and colorful attractions. This coastal territory is nestled between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea.
Kovalam situated in the southern part of Kerala is a star tourism attraction. Its tourism potential was discovered by Travancore Kings. Kovalam is one of the oldest known tourist places of India. During ninety seventies, hippies horded to Kovalam, but today people from across the globe come here. This event catapulted Kovalam to global tourism map. Kovalam is situated thirteen kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala and is easily accessible through road. This easy accessibility makes Kovalam popular among locals also. In short there is a heavy tourist inflow to Kovalam.
Catering to this inflow, many hotels and resorts have come up in Kovalam. Kovalam travel guide will help you book a nice hotel. The accommodation facilities and round the clock service offered in Kovalam Hotels and resorts are superlative. The rooms on offer are luxurious, spacious and adorned with modern décor. The staff serves the guests with a disarming smile armed with all the warmth and hospitality. Their service will make you feel regal. Kovalam hotels and resorts are adjoined with multi cuisine restaurants which supply scrumptious food. All varieties are available – from continental and Chinese to Mughal and Thai.
Apart from these Kovalam resorts and hotels offer Banquet hall, hot and cold water supply, spacious parking facilities, dry clean and laundry facilities, travel desk that works for twenty four hours, direct dialing ISD and STD facility, wireless internet and round the clock room service.
There are tourists of different economic segments travelling to Kovalam. Budget Hotels Kovalam cater to tourists who travel on economic purse. One thing is to be noted that budget hotels in Kovalam do not compromise on the facilities provided. They are high class.
The seas of Kovalam are shallow. One can go even hundred meters into sea without sinking. This fact combined with calm weather makes it safe for swimming. Kovalam beach resorts are situated in the vicinity of the beach. Here you can be in the eerie ambience throughout your stay. The white sandy beach is tempting for a sunbath. Some resorts provide space for sunbathing. Otherwise also you can sunbath on the beach.
Kovalam is formed by three crescent shaped beaches separated by rocky outcroppings. The southernmost and larger of beaches is the Lighthouse Beach. It is so called because of the thirty five meters high lighthouse which stands aloft on the top of Kurumkal hillock. The middle beach is called Hawah beach commemorating the topless European women who used to throng the beach. The practice is now banned. The northern most beach, Samudrs beach is not much of tourist importance.
There are attractive coral reefs near the shore and tourists can go snorkeling for a underwater view. True to its name which means “Land of coconut groves” – Kovalam is full of coconut groves.
Resorts in Kovalam are adjoined with Ayurvedic salons and yoga centers. The fame of ayurveda and yoga have spread far and wide that there is high demand for these facilities.
The important Places to visit in Kovalam are Vizhinjam, Shangumugham Beach, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Padmanabhaswamy Temple and also other palaces and museums near Thiruvananthapuram.

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Alleppey hotels – Excellent facilities to boot

Kerala is termed as paradise dear to God by some because of the measure of bounties of nature it is blessed with. Kerala is situated in the Malabar coast of south western India. This verdant piece of land is nestled between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. With its pristine beaches, mist shrouded hill stations, placid backwaters, exotic flora and fauna, verdant landscape and sophisticated art forms Kerala has established its place as a premier tourism destination.
Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha is a place worthy of the reputation of Kerala. It is renowned for its picturesque canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons. Boat races, houseboats, coir products and fish add attractiveness to already seductive Alleppey.
Alleppey is blessed with a beautiful beach. The garden on the shore makes it look even more charming. Towering presence of colonial past is alive  on the shore via ancient structures. There is a pier which extends into sea which is more than one hundred and forty years old. Dense coconut groves cover one end of beach while on other end is ancient towering light house.
Backwater tourism is perhaps the most attractive part of Kerala tourism. Alleppey is the epicenter of backwater tourism. Backwater is a unique Kerala phenomenon. It is formed by canals and inlets of manmade and natural origins, estuaries of over forty rivers and five lakes. As is the wont of backwaters, Alleppey backwater also makes for exquisite setting. The shores are adorned with monuments, swaying coconut trees, emerald landscape and lush green paddy fields, fishing nets and various activities of human drama. Backwaters are marked by green vegetation and water flowers. Houseboats are now the icons of backwater tourism and Alleppey provides plenty of opportunity for Houseboat cruises.
Kuttanad a place where cultivation is done below sea level is known as “Rice Bowl of Kerala”. It is endowed with unending stretch of paddy fields, small streams and canals lined with lush green coconut trees. A cruise through these waterways is a memorable affair.
Many boat races are conducted in Alleppey during August and September. The boats like Chundan, Iruttukuthi, Vypu, Churulan etc. used for these races are special and attractive. The Nehru Trophy Boat race conducted in Punnamada Lake is an internationally acclaimed event.
Due to these attractions and much more Alleppey is fast becoming a hot tourism destination. Catering to the increasing inflow of tourists, many hotels have come up in Alleppey. Alleppey hotels are renowned for the excellent accommodation facilities they provide. Visitors have only compliments for the staff who encounter guests with a disarming smile and all the warmth and hospitality. The rooms provided are luxurious, spacious and adorned with modern décor. Alleppey hotels are adjoined with Multi cuisine restaurants which provide sumptuous menu in various styles.
Apart from all these hotels provide hot and cold water running round the clock, Banquet hall, conference hall, meeting hall, amenities for indoor and outdoor games, Doctors on call, twenty four hours security, spacious parking facilities and travel desk services.
Budget hotels in Alleppey cater to tourists who travel on an economic purse. The important thing to note is that they do not compromise on the quality of accommodation facilities and service offered.
Due to nearness to sea, Alleppey climate in summer is hot and humid. During October and November Alleppey is fairly cool and pleasant.

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Visit Maldives and Explore Its Unfathomable Breathtaking Attractions

Every one loves traveling and exploring new attraction places whether purpose may be varying to each other. It is the only way to unwind, relax and enjoyment. Well, if you are exacerbated with your hectic life schedule and looking for a place where you can spend relaxing moments with your family and friends then look no further than Maldives truly a paradise for every kind of visitors. With its historical significance, tropical sceneries, breathtaking natural attractions and inviting climatic conditions, it is like a place like no other destination in the entire planet. Earlier a Sultanate under Dutch and British protection, the Maldives is now a republic. Whatever your objective of visiting Maldives, be it honeymoon, family-holiday, adventure or either business trip, it never disappoints to any one.

Silver sandy beaches, tropical rain forests, green vegetation, turquoise blue water and ranges of floras and faunas, all makes Maldives the finest place to the nature-lovers. Besides its attractions there are so many things that give Maldives tourism an international recognition such as its cultural people, mouth-watering cuisine and excellent hotels and accommodations. Due to its ranges of virgin attractions and bit isolation it is flocked by tourists throughout the year.

The Maldives are actually an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands grouped into 26 coral atolls in the Indian Ocean. When it comes to an exotic beach destination then Maldives comes in the mind first, it never fails to clinch a top spot. Due to the availability of several attractions and bit isolation, it is very much visited by honeymooners and considered an ideal place for honeymoon. Though there isn’t any dearth of attractions and wonders in Maldives but beaches here the major attraction draws the attention of many from every nook and corner of the world all the year round. Come and discover the alluring charm and beauty of the Maldives beaches which are in abundance.

The virgin beaches with pristine crystal clear water and the breathtaking natural beauty offer wonderful opportunity for the tourists to enjoy various fun-filled water activities. The major thing about its beaches is that all are speckled with virgin natural beauty serves tourists an opportunity to indulge in several adventurous and sports activities like snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, fishing, diving and many more. Well, if you are with your beloved and celebrating your honeymoon then also it would be the finest place for you. if your are dreaming about swaying palm trees and pure while beaches encircled by crystal clear lagoons of varying shades of blue, then several islands in Maldives are just awaiting for you.

Just 7 kilometers away from the international airport and capital of Maldives, Bandos Island is one of the must seen places in Maldives fascinates tourists from every nook and corner of the world. Among its many attractions are the lush tropical green forests, swaying palm trees, transparent azure lagoons and many more. Apart from, there are many other attractions to explore named as Grand Friday Museum, National Museum, Mulee Aage Palace, Jumhoorie Maidan and many more. If you decided to visit Maldives and looking for exclusive holiday packages then contact with Maldives Tour Operators.

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Behold the Unending Beauty of Maldives and Its Arresting Attractions

Maldives is a wonderful land of water enthralled with nature’s beauty. It is one of the top amazing tourist destinations with 1,192 coral islands beautifully and grouped into 26 coral atolls which is quite arousing and alluring with immense of possibilities. It is one of the most idyllic sites for relaxation and rejuvenation. The place is gifted with pleasant tropical climate, plenty of sunshine and fresh air with moderate temperature makes it attractive for the escapers to take advantage of it.
Maldives’s top charming destination
Maldives is a tropical paradise adorned with intricate winding of beaches and lagoons amidst the beautiful groves of palm fringes and sunny skies. It is the best site for relaxation and effective place for unwinding stress and anxieties. The place is famous for its two interesting activities hotly happening in it are glass- bottomed boat tours and night fishing are the two outstanding tours of Maldives. The place also facilitates exhilarating exciting sports like snorkeling, jet skiing and many other water enthusiastic healthy sports and games. Diving in the coral reef is also an unforgettable experience quite thrilling and enjoying.
Artificial beach

It is a well visited tourist spot love by many of the adventure thrill seekers. The place is filled with historical sites, swimming tracks which facilitates good swimming environment during summer. This white sandy beach also provides other exciting entertainment activities including carnivals, paradise and music show etc. It is an ideal site meant for holidays and enjoyments. It is one of the most crowned beach hubs among the Maldives beaches.
Seenu Atoll
This wonderful atoll is known as the second city of the Maldives for its fascinating amazing attractions available in it. There are 25 excellent diving locations with sparing waves of the blue sea offering good chances to explore the marine world. In its water adventure one can relish different exotic species of marine fishes and animals. The places like Makunda and Muduka are the two favorite places of the gray reef shark as well as the white tip reef sharks. Other common mammals found in this place includes manta ray, green turtles, eagle ray and lobsters etc. This one of the best sought after destinations of Maldives tourism. Enjoy the unlimited splendid wonders and excitements available in this site.   
Apart from it the places such as Grant Friday Mosque, National Museum, Mulee aage palace, Hukuru Miskiiy, Esjehi Art Gallery, beautiful beaches of Maldives and Mohammed Thakurufaanu tomb are some of the interesting destinations. The islands in Maldives are the best site for honeymoon escape amidst the cool scintillating atmosphere of the romantic beaches located in the islands.
If you are looking forward for a stimulating holiday resort to relax your vacation holidays and other expeditions then you can obviously take the help of Maldives tour operators for easy assessment of your tour. Make sure to plan it with their help to succeed your dream tour. Maldives is a superb idyllic paradise in the Indian Ocean picturesque by many lovely sights. Visit it once in a lifetime in this top amazing land of coral reef and beaches and azure forever to its heart melting destinations of Asia.

Kovalam Beach Resorts – Letting to stay in the eerie ambience

Kerala is widely acknowledged to be a paradise dear to God. It is located in the Malabar Coast of south western India. Endowed with bounties of nature galore, Kerala is a premier tourism destination.
Kovalam is an idyllic beach location situated in the southern part of Kerala. Formed by three crescent shaped beaches, this pristine beach location let tourists relish the waves of Arabian Sea crush one after another sitting on sun soaked sandy beaches. The tourism potential of Kovalam was discovered by Travancore Kings. It is one of the oldest known tourist spots of India. In ninety seventies, hippies swarmed to Kovalam like anything. This factor leads to increased popularity of Kovalam amongst global tourists.
Kovalam is situated thirteen kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala and is easily accessible through road. This easy accessibility makes Kovalam popular among local tourists also.
To cater to the heavy inflow of tourists including honeymooners, many hotels and resorts have come up in Kovalam. The resorts and hotels of Kovalam offer excellent accommodation facilities and round the clock quality service. The staff approach guests with a heartening smile armed with all warmth and hospitality. The visitor’s book is full of compliments for them from the pleased guests. Resorts and hotels of Kovalam offer spacious and opulent décor rooms with modern facilities, Banquet hall, Multi cuisine restaurants and bars, hot and cold water running round the clock, cloak room, pick and drop facilities, large parking space, wireless internet , direct dialing service, Children’s park, money exchange facilities, twenty four hours security etc. 
Budget hotels Kovalam cater to the tourists who are economically minded or travel in an economic purse. They provide excellent service and facilities for a reasonable budget.

Kovalamtravel guide will assure that the seas of Kovalam are shallow and one can walk up to hundred meters into the sea. This fact combined with calm weather makes it safe for swimming. The white sandy beaches are inviting for sunbathing and most cannot resist the temptation. Kovalam beach resorts are situated in the vicinity of beach. This let you sunbath in the privacy of a resort and also enables you to enjoy the eerie ambience throughout the stay. There are attractive coral reefs near the shores. Tourists can go snorkeling underwater to catch the luring underwater view. Surfing facilities are also available for rent and tourists can ride in Catamarans rowed by expert local fishermen.
There are many hotels and resorts which attach facilities of ayurvedic treatment spas and yoga centers to them. Due to the immense popularity of ayurveda and yoga there is adequate demand.
Some hotels and resorts rent out the facilities to business sect to conduct conferences, meetings and training programmes. The participants reportedly showed a liking to return because of the leisurely and inspiring ambience.
You can visit the sea port Vizhinjam which is about three kilometers away. Vizhinjam is well known for its special variety of fishes and homes old Hindu temples, big churches and a mosque. Other Place to visit in Kovalam is Shanghumugham beach famous for the statue of Nymph. Padmanabhapuram palace, Padmanabhaswami temple and other museums of Thiruvananthapuram can also be visited which are nearby.
This beach which still has not lost its innocence, despite being highly commercialized and crowded, is still darling of tourists.

Maldives – extending a seductive invitation to tourists

With its deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees Maldives extends its seductive invitation to tourists. And it is an invitation most are willing to accept. Maldives now, with its immaculate beauty is a prime tourist destination. Whether it is a holiday or honeymoon, you can spend it chirpily in Maldives.
Tourismin Maldives are one of the better options available for honeymooners globally. It provides you with anticipated intimate seclusion and also a beautiful setting as backdrop for celebrating the honeymoon. You are offered multiple options. A dinner under stars which is magical, with an occasional flicker of candlelight which would remind you of reality, is an out of the world experience. You may satisfy you adventurist impulse with a daring getaway to an uninhabited island, spending all by yourself the entire time. Or you can languish in your private bungalow undergoing a spa treatment in your own room, watching the endless turquoise waters. To swim around a house reef with a mask and fin is a weird but interesting way to get to know each other. To dive down the beautiful vibrant reefs is another option equally interesting. You can go for a night fishing trip engaging in a light competition of who catches more, savoring sunset from the boat. In multiple ways, Mauritius honeymoon is sure to be a memorable one.

Maldives Travel Agents take you to country with people who are warm and hospitable and welcome you with a heartening smile which is as white as the sands of Maldives.  Islands in Maldives give opportunity to visit some inhabited islands and get to know the way ordinary Maldivian live. It is the appropriate way to experience that. Some of the islands harbor a modern look with brightly painted house walls and harbor areas. But there are also quite fishing villages with lots of tree shade, swings and the traditional wooden holhuashi. Holhuashi is set up where islanders after the day’s work assemble to relax exchanging news, telling stories and playing cards.
Another important attraction of Beaches in Maldives is night reef fishing trip which is offered by many resorts. The boat leaves before sunset and settle at a good spot near a reef. The boat crew will tutor you on how to use the lines, hooks and sinkers. The old timers say that you can catch enough in the time of an hour.
After a good catch you head for a deserted island to cook and eat. With only few hundred utilized off about one thousand one hundred and ninety islands, it is easy to find an uninhabited island. While the fish is getting prepared you can experience the eeriness of the island enhanced by the softness of sand which is not touched by human foot for a long time and undisturbed sounds of nature. A day tip to these islands is also an out of the world experience.
The warm seas of Maldives hold high visibility throughout the year. You can see a fish passing fifty meters away. Combined with the fascinating formation of over three thousand reefs and free flowing tides of monsoon, this fact creates one of the richest diving coral reef areas of the world. You do not have to be a professional diver to dive in Maldives. There is provision for advanced training.