New Trend in Las Vegas Drinks

Vegas Chatter: It doesn't take much for us to grab a drink on The Strip, especially if it's free, oversized or a great deal. But, a new beverage trend wants us to forget the bottom line and focus more on our, well, bottom.

Yes, ladies and gents, it's the summer of the skinny cocktail. Where most specialty beverages pack an average of 350 calories, a few bars around Vegas (especially pool bars) want you to booze it up without bloating it up by serving cocktails with 150 calories, or less.

The pool at MGM Grand has four on its menu, including the Berry Skinny, while the pool at Monte Carlo features the Skinny Cherry, complete with sugar-free Redbull so you can be thin and wired. You can also find skinny minny cocktails at Japonais in The Mirage, Petrossian Bar at Bellagio and the pool bars of Mandalay Bay and New York-New York. Off the Strip, Islands Restaurant is pouring up Margarita Lites, too.

Freeze frame over to The Cosmopolitan for another new beverage trend, the smokin' cocktail. Liquid nitrogen is being used to impress Muggles make summer beverages chill, fun and mysterious. Try one out at Holsteins by ordering a Watermelon Bubblegum Freeze, featuring fresh watermelon, bubblegum vodka and liquid nitrogen to ice things up. No need for two straws, though, Holsteins. When it comes to our cocktails, we don't share.

So, what do you think? Will you raise your glass to these new trends or take a pass?


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