Taco Bell to Offer Free Wi-Fi Will people "run to the border" for free wi-fi? That's what Taco Bell is hoping, as it recently announced it will be offering free wi-fi ... and TV, of a sorts, ... at all 5,600 of its restaurants by 2015.

The deal with IndoorDirect won't just bring wi-fi to Taco Bell retail outlets, it will also bring the company's Restaurant Entertainment Network, as well. You might have noticed REN at other restaurants; it's the faux TV that's on the wall or mounted otherwise that shows news, video, and ads at places like Denny's and more.

It's not really TV, per se, but it sure attracts the attention of children, especially young ones, who want as much television as they can get, naturally. To be honest, it's somewhat annoying to those who might want to go to a restaurant and get away from TV, and we prefer the free wi-fi at McDonald's and Starbucks: just wi-fi, no TV overload.

Taco Bell is late to the game on this, and by the time it rolls out to all its restaurants in 2015 McDonald's will have had all its outlets Internet-capable for several years. In 2010, Starbucks, which formerly charged for wi-fi, changed to free wi-fi, as well.

It does give fans of free wi-fi yet another place to go, and considering that whenever we go to Taco Bell (which isn't that often, mind you) the seating area is usually empty, that might be a good thing for the chain. Free wi-fi is definitely becoming a near requirement nowadays, with even local mom-and-pop restaurants offering it.

Some, however, have ended up regretting their free wi-fi perks.


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