Six Flags Magic Mountain Sets World Record

The Independent: The Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park in California has broken a global record for the most roller coasters in one park, with the debut of a new coaster themed around the DC Comics hero Green Lantern.

The new ride, which opened June 30, is the first coaster in the US which follows a vertical track, with riders moving up 107 feet (33 meters) into the air and then dropping down the structure along a 825-foot (250-meter) track.

To compensate for the lack of sideways movements, Green Lantern: First Flight spins passengers round independently of the track, up to three 360-degree spins for each ride.

Before boarding the eight-person pods of the ride, guests pass through two "pre-show" rooms which give instructions on how to overcome anxiety and become as fearless as the story's legend, Hal Jordan, the first Earthman to ever join the Green Lantern Corps.

The addition of the Green Lantern ride makes Six Flags' Magic Mountain the world's most roller-coaster filled theme park, boasting 18 different rides featuring everything from comic themes such as Superman and Batman to Samurai-themed attractions and Looney Tunes characters.

Until June 30, it shared the title with Cedar Point theme park in Ohio, which despite welcoming more visitors than Magic Mountain, features only 17 roller coasters (and three water rides).

The Green Lantern movie opened in the US, UK, Canada and several other countries in June, but isn't set to debut globally until the end of August.


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