Singapore's Supertrees

Daily Mail: In the Singapore heat, the idea of enjoying the shade of a tree is quite appealing, particularly if that tree is colossal enough to shelter a small army. Which is why the stylish city, which has a name for doing things on a grand scale, is creating the ultimate green space, but with a difference.

Man-made trees, stretching 50 metres (164 feet) high and made from concrete and wire rods are currently under construction in the Marina South district, but don't worry, some natural flora will be joining them soon.

The towering creations, which already weigh hundreds of tonnes and are due to weigh even more when canopies are added to their 'branches', are set to mark a new attraction.

A vast green space is to be created in the area, which currently looks more like a building site, as part of an ambitious project to make Singapore the 'botanical capital of the world'.

Once completed, the installation will house a cluster of green conservatories and inside the Supertrees plants from around the world will be displayed. The park will also become home to the Singapore Garden Festival. Hanging gardens and rainwater catches will be added to the trees and a 22-metre high walkway will be made between two of the canopies allowing guests to take in a view of the scenery.

The Gardens at Marina South is one of three waterfront garden projects under the massive Gardens by the Bay initiative, with the other two in Marina East and Marina Center. The aim is to compliment the already-popular city destination with a chance to enjoy the outdoors too.

Leaders want to create a continuous ring of greenery, with the three gardens wrapping around the Marina Bay area, which is already home to the iconic Marina Bay Sand hotel, with its suspended rooftop swimming pool.

Each Supertree will have added to it a canopy weighing around 20 to 85 tonnes which will be hoisted into place over three to four hours by a hydraulic-jack system. Steel frames are then added onto the sides to represent the dark bark of natural woodland.

Environmental experts have even been drafted in to add solar panels to seven of the trees. The energy will then be used to light the areas below.


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