DC-6 Diner Takes Off With Visitors

Terminal U: If you’re ever passing through Coventry in the UK’s West Midlands, a locally-based airline is offering visitors a novel in-flight dining experience without ever leaving the ground. A classic, piston-driven passenger airliner has been given a new lease of life as a trendy, 40-seater sit-down eating establishment.

DC-6 Diner recently opened its cabin doors and offers up to 40 paying guests an experience that harks back to a “golden age” of travel. The Douglas DC-6 plane – which has not flown for about three and a half years – has had an interior makeover, with the cabin restored to how it would have looked in its heyday as a passenger plane in the 50s.

There is no meals on wheels service, but diners can flag the attention of waiting staff by pressing a call button above their heads and order dishes named after classic military aircraft – from Vampire gammon to Meteor marinade fillet and Rapide steak.

There’s even an onboard cocktail bar.

The new attraction is part of the airport’s Airbase exhibition at Coventry Airport.

DC-6 Diner is not the only plane restaurant on the scene in Europe. At Zürich airport, guests can dine under the wings of a Russian, Ilyushin 14 plane, at Runway 34 and enjoy international cuisine served up by pilots and flight attendants in costume.


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