Alaska Airlines Passenger Stung by Scorpion

KTVA: It sounds more like the sequel to a Samuel L. Jackson movie, but it’s the true tale of an Oregon man recently stung by a scorpion on an Alaska Airlines flight.

During his flight from Seattle to Anchorage, passenger Jeff Ellis was trying to catch a nap on the June 17 red-eye flight when he felt something crawling up his sleeve and attempted to brush it away.

Ellis went to grab the scorpion with a napkin, but the venomous bug stung him on the elbow.

Doctors traveling on the plane attended to him while the flight continued to Anchorage.

Ellis said he suffered no major affects from the sting.

Alaska Airlines officials suspect the scorpion came on board the plane in Austin, Texas, where the flight originated.

Human deaths from scorpion stings are infrequent.


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