Vegas Hotel Experiences Kardashian Chaos

Vegas Chatter: Kardashian. Just the word will evoke squeals, disgust, eye rolls and, some cases, slight nausea so it's no surprise that when The Mirage excitedly revealed plans for a Kardashian Khaos retail store on Facebook, kalamity ensued.

Close to 100 people gave the news a thumbs up, but just as many blasted the hotel for its decision with some going as far as saying they'll never stay there again:

Will folks really stay somewhere else because a family of famewhores have set up shop? Probably not, but in a town where celebreality is usually met with not so much of a blink of the eye, it's klear The Mirage may have to take drastic measures. Like giving away some bedazzled tees. We're holding out for the Facebook "meet the Kardashian's" contest ourselves.


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