Hot Destinations for the Labor Day Holiday

Travel website Orbitz has published their list of the top ten destinations for the Labor Day holiday.

The destinations are the same as last year, but their order have changed. Moving up one notch are Detroit to No. 4, Orlando to No. 7, Boston to No. 8 and Los Angeles to No. 10, the company said.

The list:

     1. New York
     2. Las Vegas
     3. Chicago
     4. Denver
     5. Seattle
     6. San Francisco
     7. Orlando
     8. Boston
     9. Los Angeles
    10. Atlanta

Other key findings by Orbitz:

- Destinations offering the best hotel deals over the Labor Day weekend include Denver ($89 per night), Atlanta ($98 per night) and Orlando ($104 per night).

-The best average round-trip ticket prices can be found for trips to Orlando ($240), Atlanta ($269) and Boston ($286).

- Four cities have grown in popularity over last year: Denver (#5 to #4), Orlando (#8 to #7), Boston (#9 to #8) and Los Angeles (#10 to #9).

- Slipping in popularity this year were Atlanta (#7 to #10) and Seattle (#4 to #5).


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