Qantas' Shiny New Wallabies 747

Jaunted: There is never a time when we are not up for watching a time-lapse video. Time-lapse is just—ugh—too entertaining and too easy for killing a few minutes away from the flow of doing actual work. Thus, when this new film of a Qantas Boeing 747 hit YouTube, the salivating began.

What Qantas has done is decorated one of their jumbo jets with the colors and name of the Australia National Rugby Union team—the Qantas Wallabies. They've even gone into detail so much that the typical red-and-white kangaroo Qantas logo on the plane's tail is now grasping a rugby ball.

Check out the full video:

It goes without saying that we'd love love love to see this plane pull up at a gate next to Air New Zealand's All Blacks-painted A320.


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