Ritz-Carlton Has Second Dirtiest Kitchen in NYC Midtown

DNAInfo: Diners at the Ritz-Carlton may not want to know what goes on behind the storied hotel kitchen's closed doors.

According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH), the Ritz-Carlton has the 13th dirtiest kitchen in the city, getting hit with 77 violation points during a June 17 inspection. The hotel houses BLT restaurant and the Star Lounge. It was not clear on the DOH website if the kitchen supplies one or both of the eateries.

The most recent inspection found six critical violations for sloppy and "unacceptable" conditions, including poorly refrigerated foods, evidence of flies, cross-contamination between cooked and raw meat, and poor hygiene among kitchen workers, the DOH website said.

That makes it the second dirtiest kitchen in Midtown, and the 13th-worst rated eatery in the entire city, according to DOH scores accessed on Aug. 17.

The violation point range would give the Ritz a "C" under DOH rules, but its current status is "grade pending." The kitchen, which racked up 42 violation points during a March 29 inspection, has one more check before the DOH assigns it a letter grade.

The Ritz-Carlton kitchen had the second highest number of violation points in Midtown. Only the Plymouth Theater concession at 236 W. 45th St. had more - receiving 82 violation points during its last inspection in June.

"The health and safety of our guests in our highest concern," said David Taylor, the hotel's director of sales and marketing. "We've taken immediate action to rectify the situation and are working with diligence to maintain our brand standards."


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