Three New Roller Coasters for 2012

Leviathan Rendering
 Jaunted: This year’s roller coaster season is quickly wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean that coaster enthusiasts will have a depressing off-season. Parks are already thinking about 2012 and how to improve on their steel track offerings, so it won’t be long until you’re strapped into one of these new coasters. Here’s just three brand new coasters hitting parks in 2012:

Leviathan - Canada’s Wonderland
North of the border just outside Toronto proper sits one of Canada’s best theme parks, and once 2012 rolls around things will get even better. Leviathan will be the parks 16th coaster when it debuts next May. This $28 million roller coaster will feature an 80-degree initial drop, a bunch of crazy twists and turns, and it will last for over three and half minutes.

The track even buzzes past the front gates of the park, so you get a sneak peek when you first enter for the day. The coaster might just be one of the best in the world when it arrives, as it will be top ten based on speed and height. The thing rises over 300-feet and might just hit speeds of over 90mph.

Manta - SeaWorld San Diego
A similar ride has been doing its thing over in Florida, but when 2012 arrives it will finally be California’s turn to get in on the fun. SeaWorld San Diego is welcoming Manta next year, and it will give tourists and locals a chance to experience the movement of the underwater world—in roller coaster form of course. A new launch station will feature an all-surrounding projection system that provides a look into the underwater world while creating the illusion of even quicker launch speeds. The park is open year-round and construction is already underway—expect the fun to arrive early in 2012.

Skyrush - Hersheypark
It seems that practically every season Hersheypark some how has the cash to build another blockbuster, and it looks like 2012 will be no different. Opening next May, Skyrush will cost $25 million worth of candy bars and will rise to around 200-feet above the park. The Intamin Wing Mega coaster will be the biggest and baddest coaster at the park, and plans include a vertical 85-degree first drop along with four crazy banked turns and five hills. Imagine all of those twists and turns while you're reaching speeds of up to 75mph—oof. It’ll even feature both floored and floorless seats depending on where you choose to sit—2012 can’t arrive soon enough.


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