Qatar to Build $500 Million Semi-Submerged Resort

World Interior Design Network: Construction work is set to begin on a $500 million semi-submerged resort named, Amphibious 1000, on the Qatar coast.

Designed by Italy-based company Giancarlo Zema Design Group, the resort will be situated in the centre of a marine reserve and will extend for one kilometre in a horizontal position. It will house four giant hotels comprising underwater rooms replicating the look of super-yachts.

The facility will also incorporate 80 self-contained floating suites known as Jellyfish. Every suite will encompass four stories while featuring an underwater aquarium lounge.

The hotels will surround a central public welcome area comprising an interactive museum on water life, water exhibition galleries as well as a glass tunnel leading to the underwater observatory in the marine park's centre. The welcome area is linked via long arm-like structures to fitness centres, gardens and a special outdoor theatre adorned with a moving stage which opens out to the sea.

The transportation of guests across the resort will be facilitated by hydrogen-powered aluminium yachts called Trilobis measuring 20 metres. The vessels will sport a steel hull complemented by a superstructure in aluminium and will possess underwater observatory zones.

The resort's land portion will be equipped with a museum, exhibitions and aquariums. Other features of the facility include floating walkways as well as a restaurant allowing glimpses of the surrounding landscape.


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