Postcards Highlight Norway's Assets

Jaunted: Norwegian postcards: a victory for sexual equality

Postcards: we may be too digitally-inclined and the postal services may be too expensive to mail them anymore, but we still buy them in droves. And while we loved the beautiful images of fjords and cutesy clapboard houses that we found during a Norwegian cruise on Cunard's Queen Victoria last month, the postcards that most captivated us displayed a very different type of Norwegian assets.

Yes, in Fjordcountry—Flåm and Geiranger, to be precise—along with the pretty landscape pictures were a shedload of pictures of naked men in picturesque places. Enjoying the view, showering under a gushing waterfall, strumming a guitar in a flower-filled meadow, skiing...all in various states of undress from shorts to full frontal nudity.

Weird. Even more weird, the only women on the postcards were old, unattractive or doing something odd.

Other postcards included troll warnings, possible fertility rituals, and a picture of a Bergen street in the rain. Yes, because nothing else could make you want to hop straight on a plane to Norway.

In the meantime, enjoy the view.

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