Hilton Sued Over 75 Cent Newspaper

Daily Mail: A Hilton guest is suing the luxury hotel chain because he was charged 75 cents for a newspaper he thought was free.

Rodney Harmon, 55, of Sacramento, California, claims in a lawsuit he was deceived by a scheme that also damages the environment. He was at the Hilton Garden Inn Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa in March when he saw a copy of USA Today outside his room door.

“He did not request a newspaper and assumed it had been placed there by hotel staff,’ the lawsuit filed on Wednesday in San Francisco says.

He later realized $0.75 had been added to his bill - and has accused Hilton of hiding the charge, reported San Francisco Chronicle. Harmon alleges the fee is described in ‘extremely small font which is difficult to notice or read’ on the room card sleeve.

He also points out that newspaper readership and circulation is declining and most hotel guests probably do not even read the newspaper. The waster newspapers are ‘offensive waste of precious resources and energy’, the lawsuit alleges.

‘Deforestation caused by paper production is a matter of concern and worry in this state, country and worldwide,’ it says.

Harmon’s lawyer Kirk Wolden described it as ‘waste that we don’t need’.

The lawsuit alleged the ‘injury’ is ‘substantial’, because millions of guests are unwittingly paying for a newspaper they do not want. A Hilton spokesman would not comment due to ongoing legal proceedings.


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