Get "Tanked" in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Vegas Chatter: How many TV shows can there be about Las Vegas? Apparently, we're just skimming the surface.
The newest Vegas reality show will make a splash later this month when "Tanked" debuts on Animal Planet. The show about two brothers-in-law who operate the biggest aquarium company in the US -- that just so happens to be headquartered in Vegas -- premieres August 19.

We're not sure who thought family squabbles, rivalries, belly laughs and making fearful relatives do things like climbing into shark-filled aquariums is good TV, but there you have it. And, really, how could you not watch the first show, if anything, just based on all the buzz bubbling up on the Internets by hobby enthusiasts?

If you can't wait for it to appear in your TiVo menu, head to now for a really cool Fish Guide that tells you how to start your own freshwater or marine aquarium (yes, there's a difference) or outdoor pond. It will have you swimming in information from set-up and stocking to maintenance and feeding. Suddenly, the goldfish we were planning to pick up for four year old's bedroom doesn't seem quite adventurous enough.


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