Florida Keys Underwater Art Exhibit Now Open

CBNNews: Scuba diving and art shows don't typically go hand-in-hand. However, one artist's new exhibit is changing that.

Austrian art photographer Andreas Franke's latest exhibit is making waves off the coast of Florida.

The photographer recently debuted the first underwater art show the state has ever seen, giving art enthusiasts an opportunity to see art and scuba dive all at the same time.

"We need to find a gallery, but where's the right gallery? Just ended up with the idea. Okay, bring it back to Florida to the keys and on the Vandenberg. So nobody did it before," he said.

The exhibit includes a dozen digitally composed images.

The artist photographed ship wreckage and added digital elements to create the artwork.

The pieces are being displayed at the site of the wreckage, a former U.S. Air Force missile tracking ship that has become an artificial reef.

To see the exhibit, all you have to do is dive 93-feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean near the Florida Keys.


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