Boeing Draws 747 in Sky During Test Flight

Seattle Weekly: Testing planes can be pretty mundane. You fly a new tube of metal around for hours and hope nothing goes wrong. So it's pretty cool that the folks at Boeing are having such a fun time testing their snazzy new 747.

Yesterday, Boeing pilots flew a new 747-8 freighter up, down, and across the country, drawing "747" with their flight path.

It's the second time Boeing's gotten press for doing something strange but totally fun, as they prepare to ship the new plane out to customers starting next month.

In June, test pilots flew the $300 million plane 2,500 miles to Pittsburgh to enjoy sandwiches from Primanti Bros. They planned other lunch trips, including one to Maine for lobster.

Yesterday's flight departed from Everett, flew over Montana, south to California, and back north across North Dakota and Minnesota. It made trips as far south as New Mexico and Oklahoma, according to the AP. The trip lasted 17 hours.


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