Airplane Jousting With Richard Branson

Jaunted: A few days ago, a brilliant CollegeHumor video spoof hit the net and—crazily enough—one of the first people to give it publicity was the spoof's target: Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin Group head honcho tweeted the link, effectively gave it his blessing and we've been saving it for a special day: Travel Tuesday. 
We won't spoil it for you too much, except to say that our favorite part is the bit about the Billiard Room, and that some of the comments are predictably hilarious. Sample: "I thought this video would have airplane 2 airplanes with massive jousting sticks flying towards each other."

Trust us that it's better than that. And as we know well from experience, there's only one boring thing about Richard Branson. So Collegehumor has it pretty spot-on after all, except they neglected to mention Branson's dream to wear red tights.


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