Traveling on a "Floating Cloud" A New York architect with his head in the clouds has come up with a bizarre plan for the future of transport. Rather than using planes or trains, travelers would float to their destinations on top of a giant inflatable cloud riding on prevailing winds.

Tiago Barros submitted his “Passing Cloud” project to a US competition on the future of high-speed railways.

The design was inspired by the zeppelins of yesteryear and features heavyweight high-tensile nylon balloons with a stainless steel framework inside.

Passengers would climb up to the “cloud” on ladders, sit on top while it moves and then get off wherever it landed – with no guarantee of destination or arrival time. Mr Barros said the concept would offer a unique journey and question the need for speed while travelling.

“Nowadays, everything is set and everyone is always running around,” he said. “It is time to reconsider the act of traveling and start enjoying it accordingly.”


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