Gun Lounge to Open in Las Vegas

The Daily Mail: Las Vegas is well known as a destination where – if such things are to your liking – you can indulge in a few days of heavy gambling and partying.

But now it seems that visitors to Sin City will be able to try their hand at another, rather more dangerous pastime – shooting automatic weapons.

Before the year is out, America’s most notorious city will see the doors open on a club where guests will be allowed – and encouraged – to fire high-powered rifles.

The brainchild of Genghis Cohen, the impresario behind Tabu, an infamous club at the city’s MGM Grand Hotel, Machine Guns Vegas is set to open on December 15.

Situated just behind the Mirage Hotel near the city’s central Strip, Las Vegas’s first ‘ultra gun lounge’ will glamorize the use of firearms. Guests will be taught how to fire weapons by 'stunning gun girls’.

'The world is now ready for a "Gun Lounge",' Mr Cohen says. 'Stunning "Gun-Girls" trained in gun-handling [will] look after VIP guests.'

Mr Cohen is quick to dismiss any safety concerns, commenting that: 'All Machine Guns Vegas girls are certified Range Safety Officers through the National Rifle Association.’

And while the 'lounge' will have a luxurious atmosphere, alcohol will not be allowed on site.However, the club will actively link gun use to fashion and high-end brands.

‘Louis Vuitton and Prada accessories for your guns and ammunition are available for purchase’, Mr Cohen continues.

And the lounge will celebrate the deaths of figures such as Osama Bin Laden, with guests able to train their rifles on targets that include the former al-Qaeda leader.

‘There is a full range of targets including Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and [Muammar] Gaddafi,’ Mr Cohen adds. ‘The works.'

Husband-and-wife team Mike and Leanne Heck, who have hosted celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, Cher and Ice T for shooting excursions, will also be on hand to help visitors with their weapons.

Mr Cohen says: 'Gun Ranges in America have always been tacked on to gun stores up until now. We're the first luxury, dedicated gun lounge in the world. Machine Guns Vegas has changed everything. The right to bear arms was in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The building blocks of this great nation.'


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