Finnair Flight Attendants Flashdance

Jaunted: The world loves to watch flight attendants dance. This we discovered when that Cebu Pacific video of FAs doing the safety demo to the tune of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry went viral. Who are we kidding? The world loves to watch flight attendants do anything other than typical flight attendant stuff, so when Finnair's girls got together to dance for their fellow crew at base, it would of course leak online.

The song: "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire.

The place: the Finnair Crew Lounge at what we're assuming is Helsinki Airport

Finnair has already posted it on their own YouTube, so this could be a publicity stunt, but the fact they didn't involve any passengers (or public) leads us to believe this is just what it seems; a few flight attendants got an idea, got their friends to play along and then alerted the airline to the fun, who were game to support it.

Cute! Keeping their black leather gloves on was a nice touch.

Click here to read how the Flashdance was organized.



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