Guests Suffer Chlorine Burns in Hotel Hot Tub

Two guests at the Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas were rushed to the hospital after suffering horrific second-degree burns caused by too much chlorine in the hotel's hot tub.

One of the victims reportedly had second-degree burns on 91 per cent of his body and was close to going into shock before the paramedics arrived. The father of one of the victims said, “We went up to see him and he was in his bed and he was shaking he was so cold, and he just from his neck down to his feet he was completely red and on his back it was actually bubbling."

The hotel has a chlorine system that automatically puts a small amount of chlorine in the water every 15 minutes. It’s suspected that at six o'clock that morning, all of the chlorine was dumped in.

Officials confirmed the burns were caused by chlorine exposure, but are so far unsure whether it was a malfunction or human error.



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