Tall Headboards: Trendy or Fugly?

Hotel Chatter: Let's talk hotel room design for a moment. Exaggerated tall headboards: in or out?

After not encountering the behemoths for so long we'd practically forgotten about the trend, we checked into the Se San Diego recently and there it was: a towering white leather focal point that took us back to the time when people still DVDs and thought coconut water was gross.

The style, like a tufted Chesterfield sofa but applied to the wall, began around the time when hotels were upping the trendy factor and going from staid traditional to a more "imperial New York" look. Slowly but surely, the overstuffed side chairs of yore are being replaced by what we'd now call a "Muji-chic" look, best exemplified in the simple luxury of hotels like the Park Hyatt Tokyo. And yet, we're still running into attention hogs like this wall in properties that pretend to be pretty hip to interior design.

What is the point of a tufted headboard? It's comfort up to a point, but the higher it goes, the more it has in common with a padded room (especially done up in white or cream). How are they even cleaned? Our guess: Swiffer wet wipe. There's got to be a reason they still exist. Do you jump on the bed and throw yourself into them? We've pretty much resolved to do so every time we sleep under one now...


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