An Electric-Powered Passenger Jet

UberGizmo: Planes and carbon offsets have been going hand in hand for the past couple of years already, but it does not look like a long term solution, because ultimately, at the end of the day, planes still require jet fuel. Electric planes are not exactly new technology but their use has been limited mainly to small planes that carry only a handful of passengers, but remain largely as experimental demonstrators, which makes EADS’ VoltAir a pretty interesting concept.

While still a concept, EADS thinks that at the rate technology is progressing, the VoltAir could become a reality in 25 years, and hopefully be one of the first electric motor powered, full-fledged, passenger airliner. The VoltAir would be using two next-generation lithium-air batteries, which in turn would power two highly efficient superconducting electric motors, which would drive two co-axial, counter-rotating shrouded propellers at the rear of the aircraft.

Thanks to the advanced carbon fibre composite airframe design, amazing aerodynamics and its low weight (due to the carbon fibre material used), the motors would make the airline easy to push through the air. As is the case with most electric vehicles, not only will it be environmentally friendly, it would also be very quiet. Home owners staying near the airport will not to worry about sound pollution any more.


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