Let Your Luggage Carry You For a Change

Tired of standing in long lines at crowded airports? Walkin'Bag, a division of Swany America Corporation, makes a line of carry-ons and suitcases with built-in, fold-out seats that hold up to 300 pounds. No more sitting on the floor (or your luggage, thereby crushing everything inside.)

Walkin’Bag has been around since 1996 when CEO Etsuo Miyoshi, a polio survivor, took a chance on a developing a bag with "lean-on" capability. Walkin'Bag was invented to meet Mr. Miyoshi's own personal needs, and since then Walkin'Bag has become a visible manufacturer of travel bags worldwide.

So why not buy a Walkin'Bag and take a load off. Click here for their web site.


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