Airport Geese to be Cooked for Poor

New York Daily News: Boy, animal activists just can't catch a break these days. They cried fowl - so to speak - when city and federal officials began gassing hundreds of geese that posed a threat to airline traffic.

Seeking to prevent a repeat of the Hudson River downing via goose of US Airways Flight 1549, the officials rounded up birds at Prospect Park, Randall's Island and other locations and sent them to their heavenly rewards.

PETA & Co. went ballistic, asserting that bird lives were more valuable than the risk to hundreds of human ones. Now, the radical protectors of creaturedom have a new moral quandary to weigh: Is it okay to kill the geese now that officials have worked out a plan to feed the birds to the homeless?

The Department of Environmental Protection will be sending dead geese to Pennsylvania for processing. They'll return in edible form to food pantries, which are only too happy to add recently slaughtered - and free - poultry to their menus. Surely, those who rushed to the ramparts for the geese will see that the birds are giving their urban free-range lives for the greater good.

Never having partaken, we can only report second-hand that Canada goose is reputed to be a little, shall we say, gamey. It has been described in some quarters as unpalatable even.

But this we do not trumpet for fear that advocates for the homeless and poor will run to new ramparts with cries of culinary cruelty.


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