SeaWorld's New Attraction "Turtle Reef" Opens

SeaWorld San Diego's newest attraction, "Turtle Reef" opened yesterday amid news that the theme park saw a 9 percent drop in attendance last year. SeaWorld was the only major SoCal theme park to experience a drop in 2010. SeaWorld blames the downturn on last year's terrible summer weather.

Turtle Reef features more than 60 hawksbill and green sea turtles along with tropical fish in a 300,000-gallon coral reef habitat. Some of the adult turtles are more than 50 years old, and some juvenile green sea turtles were hatched in 2009. The turtles are endangered and, since they often mistake plastic bags for jelly fish, stores at SeaWorld will only use paper bags or allow customers to purchase reusable bags.

The total immersive experience also will include a game called Race for the Beach, and a touch screen map called Turtlelink where guests can learn about sea turtle tracking and SeaWorld’s rescue efforts and conservation. Riptide Rescue, a new ride just outside the aquarium, will spin passengers in boats on a rescue mission of their own.

The park plans to unveil a rollercoaster called “Manta” in 2012 and recently reopened the Dine with Shamu venue.


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