Potty Humor in Las Vegas Hotels

Vegas Chatter: Probably not the no. 1 or no. 2 most important thing you'll do today, but care to guess which Vegas hotel is really into potty humor?

We had no idea fellas were the butt of this hotel's joke until we found this pic on Flickr. Being a chick, we've never been mocked in the Vegas loo, but we have been greeted by some attentive ladies ourselves. Except these gals left nothing to the imagination. And, we really mean, nothing.

Apparently, there's a lot more to flush out about the Vegas potty scene, because there's even a blog dedicated to it now, too. The Straight Flush only has a handful of posts and has been a bit silent of late (perhaps a laxative is in order?), but has already shared some hidden and disgusting finds.

Come back tomorrow to find out which Sin City loo is pictured above. Update: It's the Las Vegas Hilton.


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