Boeing Delivers First 787 Dreamliner

Business Week: Boeing signed formal documents completing delivery of its much-anticipated first 787 Dreamliner jet on Sunday. The new jet is expected to open up new routes, provide fuel savings and offer travelers more comfort. It was supposed to be flying passengers three years ago, but was delayed by production and design problems

Airlines have clamored for the new jet, ordering more than 800 of them, which is well above levels for previous new jets. The first one goes to Japan's All Nippon Airways. Boeing and All Nippon will have a delivery ceremony Monday outside the 787 factory in Everett, Wash., and the airline will fly the jet back to Tokyo on Tuesday.

The jet is the first midsize airplane capable of flying long-range routes, which enables airlines to open more non-stop routes. It also will be as much as 20 percent more fuel-efficient than planes it replaces.

Additionally, the Dreamliner features new technology that is expected to make customers more comfortable, including bigger windows, larger luggage bins, electronic dimming instead of pull-down shades and air pressure and humidity levels more similar to those on the ground.

Sunday's delivery came after a series of flights, inspections and payment.


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