Focus on Las Vegas Elevator Music

Vegas Chatter: Music plays an important role in the casino. It plays in the background at a level that usually isn't intrusive (except night time at the party pit). We don't always notice the music unless we hear something that stands out, either good or bad. The one place we notice music is the elevator when we're staying at a casino. We're held captive for, hopefully, only a few seconds but there usually isn't much chatter so the music stands out.

A recent trip to Planet Hollywood (above) had us reeling a little as we heard one song over and over and over when we went to and from our room. Last year, Planet Hollywood had MidiMafia make a song for the casino called "Phamous", which went along really nicely with their branding. However, it's a year after the song came out and, after staying at Planet Hollywood a few times, they are still playing this song almost every time we're in the elevator. It's enough and we can't wait for the song to leave their rotation.

On the other hand, we've stayed at Palazzo a few times in the past year and they have had various Jersey Boys songs on their elevator playlist. Not only does that not bother us, but we'll miss it when Jersey Boys leaves Palazzo. More than anything, this is why we're curious to see what Palazzo replaces the show with.


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