Continental Plane Lands at Wrong Airport

AOL Travel News: We tend to expect airline pilots to know where they're going, but earlier this week a US commuter plane landed at the wrong airport by mistake.

Passengers on board a Continental Express plane bound for Lake Charles, Louisiana were forced to share a 30-minute limo ride after their plane touched down at Southland Field in Sulpher, 15 miles away from their planned destination.

But according to the airport manager, this kind of mistake isn't all that unusual.

Sam Larsh, airport manager, told local station 7News, "This has happened here three times in the last 15 years or so. It's an easy mistake to make."

According to Mr Larsh, both runways are the same layout and are both on the same latitude.
The air traffic control tower at Lake Charles Regional is not staffed after 10pm, which may had added to the confusion as the flight landed at 10.30pm.

Who knew that pilots could get lost too?


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