Shimmering Backwater and Excellent Alleppey Hotels to Explore

Alleppey, a popular tourist destination in Kerala is a beautiful town of Allappuzha district. This beautiful town is situated 62 km to the South of Kochi and 155 km away from north of Trivandrum. This astounding town in kerala is speckled with abundant canals, backwaters, lagoons and beach and thus it was lovingly described as ‘Venice of East’.  This beautiful town is the most sought after tourist destination in the entire state of Kerala and is truly worth to visit and explore.

The landscape beauty, historical monuments, elegant temples, fascinating churches, coir industry, stunning beach, shimmering backwater, well organized houseboat and many alike easily allure the vacationers for their wonderful vacations. This beautiful town is ideal gateway for peaceful vacation in Kerala as it is ideally located where nature is abundantly blessed and very far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This beautiful destination is beautifully speckled with some excellent, standard and budget hotels in Alleppey which truly offers all the vacationers wonderful and luxurious stay. There are many types of hotels here in this town differing in categories which offer all the sort of vacationers to chose there type of hotels according to your budget. The hotels here are perched along the green lush nature which offers all the luxuries, comforts, delicious cuisines and truly the warm hospitality will tempt the visitors to visit this town again and again.  

Alleppey climate throughout the year remains humid as it is coastal area. Alleppey experience summers from March to May, the weather remains dry and humid and the visitors love this as they freely roam around. The maximum temperature reaches up to 37 degree in the summer. From June to September Alleppey experiences monsoon with rains and temperature is soothing. Winter is experience from the month of December to February with the temperatures hovering between 20°C to 30°C. Visitors flung to this astounding town during the winter which is very ideal and excellent for sightseeing.

Alleppey houseboat takes the visitors through the dream land of lagoons and lakes, palm trees and paddy fields and these all can be experienced along the extraordinary cruise on the houseboat over Alleppey backwater. Truly the backwater in this destination is truly the most sought after and it entices all sorts of vacationers the honeymooners, nature lovers and leisure vacationers. If you want enjoy a peaceful vacation along the Mother lap of Nature than Alleppey will unlock all the happy way to explore. Vacationers from all over the globe flung to this ideal destination for their wonderful vacation and truly the cruise on the Alleppey houseboat over the shimmering backwater will give peace of mind.

Alleppey backwater, fascinating beach, wonderful tourist attractions and marvelous sightseeing are supplemented by excellent Alleppey hotels, which are perched throughout the town and these truly offer the vacationers wonderful accommodations, special kerala cuisines and extraordinary hospitality will truly leave a wonderful scar on your heart. So, contact a leading Kerala tour operator and execute a package to Alleppey and explore the great history, elegant landmark along the grandeur of nature.

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