Maldives – Making room for a cheerful holiday

Spend your holiday cheerfully at Maldives. The waters which let you see through making for sights of coral reefs and various fishes swimming vivaciously, white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, islands, warm and hospitable people, yearlong sunshine – the attractions that magnet you towards Maldives is numerous. You can also engage in water sports to your heart’s content and dive down the sea relishing the magnificent underwater visual treat.  
Maldives Tourism  gives you an opportunity to be in the richest coral reef diving areas of the world. The reasons for this endowment are the high visibility of warm seas of Maldives, marvelous formation of over three thousand coral reefs and the free flowing tides of the monsoons. Maldivian waters are inhabited by over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures. Apart from that the monsoon tides of the Indian Ocean owes for a collection of tiny marine creatures as well as microscopic plant cells. This in turn attracts all kinds of underwater species because of the abundance of food. While diving, you will get to see a wide variety of marine species.  You do not need to be professional diver to dive in Maldives. There are facilities for advanced training or you can dive with the guidance of experienced dive instructors. A dive in a house reef is a rewarding experience. Due to the countless number of reefs found among the twenty six atolls in Maldives, you can reach different dive spot everyday by travelling a little bit in boat. Night diving is also a beautiful experience.
Maldives is a place of more sea than land. This results the Islands in Maldives being a festivity of water sports. You are actually partaking in the craze for watersports of Maldevians. Every resort of Maldives has a sports center that offers a range of water sports activities. You can go snorkeling or surfing in these centers and also take a ride in catamaran. You also have the choice of parasailing, Kayaking, Kite – surfing, water skiing and jet skiing.
It will be an edifying experience to learn how an ordinary Maldivian live. For that, the easiest way is to have a trip to an inhabited island. With brightly painted house walls and harbor areas, some of the islands look slightly modern. There also the peaceful fishing villages which has a lot of trees, swings and traditional wooden holhuashi. Holhuashi is the set up where fishermen wind up after a day’s work with lot of relaxing activities.
A night reef fishing trip is a renowned attraction of Maldives Travel Agents. You can experience the gratification of catching and cooking fish all by yourself. Most resorts arrange for such a trip. The boat leaves before sunset and find an appropriate spot near a reef. The boat crew will tutor you on how to use the lines, hooks and sinkers. Old timers say you will catch enough in an hour. After the catch, you can head towards a deserted island. With only few hundred utilized of over thousand islands, you will soon find a virgin one. While the fish is getting prepared you could experience the eeriness of the island. A day time trip to a deserted island is also an episode worth remembering. You could relish the raw, unspoilt vegetation surrounded by fantastic beaches and sun kissed waters. 
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