Lakshadweep Attractive Due To Isolation

Lakshadweep Islands has always been attractive to tourists due to its isolation and scenic setting. But due to the policy of administration to take extra care keeping in mind the scarcity of land and resources is restrictive on inflow of tourists. The domestic tourists are brought by ship and their night stay is arranged in ships making them leave the islands at night. International tourists whose stay is arranged in Bangaram are brought by flight from Kochi to Agatti. Agatti is the island nearest to Bangaram which is having an airport.
SPORTS the abbreviation for society for promotion of Nature tourism and sports is the nodal agency for promotion of Lakshadweep tourism.
Lakshadweep is a group of islands in   Laccadive Sea situated off the coast of Kerala. Although the name suggests “Lakhs of Islands” which is the meaning of Lakshadweep, there are only thirty six islands. The tiniest union territory in India has twelve atolls, three reefs and five submerged banks.  Out of thirty six Lakshadweep islands, only ten are inhabited. They are Agatti, Amini, Andrott, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy.
How to reach Lakshadweep is a question paramount in the mind of everybody. You can travel from Kochi to the islands in four all weather ships M.V. Bharatseema ,M.V Tipusultan, M.V Aminidivi and M.V Minicoy. Indian Airlines also operate flight from Kochi to Agatti Island on six weekdays.
The main establishments connected with tourism – Bangaram Island Resort in Bangaram, Lakshadweep Institute of water sports in Kadamat and the tourist home in Agatti are operated by private entrepreneurs on lease. Sports also take part in the process running a tourist home in Kadamat for lease. Also, the tourists huts in the tourist focal Islands of Kavaratti, Kadmat, Kalpeni and Minicoy are looked after by SPORTS. Apart from these huts three private cottages at Minicoy are operated by local entrepreneurs. SPORTS also has trained its staff in water sports and runs restaurants in the Islands.
Basically the trips are sea or lagoon based. Leisure trips are arranged with minimum intrusion into land. There are plenty of opportunities for Scuba diving, Yachting, Pedal boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Snorkeling and sunbathing. One may also visit local houses, Marine museum, LightHouse and a few local industries. Though all the islands are blessed with coral reefs, sandy beaches, unpolluted and clear water and comfortable settings, different islands are promoted in different ways. Some are promoted for diving and water sports while others make for relaxation and enjoyment of nature.
Kavaratti, the administrative headquarter of the islands is the most developed island. Fifty two mosques adorn the island. Out of these the most beautiful is Ujra mosque. It has carved ceiling with beautiful embellishments. The Lagoon is ideal for water sports and swimming. The sandy beaches are ideal for sun basking. There is an marine aquarium where marine life is exhibited and also a museum. From the boats with glassed bottom, you can have the glimpse of underwater world. There are also tourist huts to look after your creature needs.
Kalpeni with the small islets Tilakkam, Pitti and the uninhabited Cheriyam with sparkling lagoon in between them are known for its scenic beauty. Kalpeni  has the largest lagoon among Lakshadweep islands. The lagoon is relatively shallow and ideal for all kinds of water sports. You can swim, or engage yourself in water sports.
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