'Amazing Race' Host Hawking Travel Gear

Jaunted: Do you know how to tell when a celebrity's career is slowly going down the drain? When they develop of clothing line or a perfume. That's a big warning sign. Licensing your name is also worse (ah hem Donald Trump mattresses), so when we heard that Amazing Race's host Phil Keoghan is hawking his own luggage line, we got scared for him and, as it turns out, rightly so because he's about to start selling it on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

The collection is called "Phil Keoghan NOW" and Phil will apparently be sharing his “tips and tricks” on HSN on November 11th at 2 AM, 1 PM and 8 PM EST and November 12th at 9 AM and 6 PM EST. Both the 20" spinner luggage and the packing system are $129.95 each, while his packing system is $79.95. We'd hope, however, that any serious travelers out on the road as often as Phil (or even not nearly as often) would have already found a sturdy, stylish case right for them. Hey, even Target has some nice stuff in its travel aisles these days Victorinox, for example).

If you're curious or just a hardcore Amazing Race fan, here's a quote straight from Phil on why he's now making baggage:

NOW stands for ‘No Opportunity Wasted’ which is my personal philosophy for living each day as it was your last. I took my first overseas trip when I was two and I have been traveling around the world ever since. After millions of miles on the road and visiting more than 100 countries, I have designed and tested a packing system that will ensure you are ready to take on your next big adventure.


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