An American Airlines Ad Staring Kevin Spacey

Jaunted: Get ready for another airline ad to hit your television screen, as American Airlines is ready to interrupt your weeknights on the couch with new spots featuring Kevin Spacey. That's the good news. The bad news is that technically they’re only going to be run in the United Kingdom — because we all know actors hate selling stuff in their own backyard when they can do it overseas instead. Sure he’s an Academy Award winner, but can he put butts in AA's First and Business Class seats? 

In total there’s a few new ads kicking around showing off how American Airlines caters to the individual in all of us. If you take the time to check out the one we stuck (below), you’ll see Spacey doing his thing as several different types of people — from dad to designer — all getting ready to head off to the airport. As the ad winds down, Kevin Spacey tells us he loves American Airlines, while saying hello to himself as his other personalities seated in first class.

The other ads show different ways to check-in — again different strokes for different folks — along with the various dining options aboard an American Airlines flight. Like we said earlier, the only downer is that these are only hitting the airwaves across the pond. That means no Spacey commercials for us here in the nifty fifty. We say that’s okay, because we really don’t think these ads are that catchy or creative — although we do like us some Spacey.



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