NYC Hotels Offer SAD Packages

Gansevoort Hotel
Hotel Chatter: This winter, both Gansevoort Meatpacking and Gansevoort Park Ave are battling Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with a new promotional package that includes things like a duplex penthouse suite, a tropical cocktail, vitamin D-infused facial, and beach attire for hanging out in your room. For many people, this might just be enough to lift the heavy winter blues. 
But Gansevoort's not stopping there. Taking all precautions, the hotel has also decided to photoshop pictures of you with Santa Claus. And provide you with a "friend for the day" (it's exactly how it sounds). Or, even, if that glum mood just won't pick up, to offer a Compliment Concierge that will shower you with praise throughout your entire stay—by the end of which, no doubt you'll be positively elated.

If not slightly stuck-up.

The "SAD" package, which was announced earlier this week, isn't cheap. Those who are truly on board with the idea of pay-per-ass-kiss ("You're so pretty," "I wish I had as much style as you," "My, your houndstooth coat perfectly matches the furniture in our lobby!") will have to cough up $10,000 a night at either property.

No fair! When The James hired a tanning concierge over the summer, that service was completely free of charge, so long as you were actually a guest of the hotel.

Of course, there are some for whom a simple Vitamin D facial would suffice. If that's the case, save your credit card and just book a treatment at the spa ($100-$300).

Or just stare at the sun for a while. It won't tell you how good you look, but it'll probably do the trick.


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